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The Exway Flex is Exway's newest and greatest edition to their electric longboard collection. It is packed with cutting edge features and boasts a fiberglass/bamboo hybrid deck to add extra flex and resistance under impact.

• Range: 25km

• Top speed: 40kph

• Max climbing grade: 30%

• Powertrain variant: Hub motor

• Weight: 7.7kg

•Length: 940mm

The Exway Flex is Exway's newest and greatest edition to their electric longboard collection. With a swappable turbo powered electric battery, this electric skateboard can power you up to 32km. And the best part, it weighs only 7.7 kgs, making it one of the lightest and most powerful electric skateboards on the market. The Exway Flex eboard has a hill climbing capability of up to 30%, accompanied by IP55 water resistance and of course a multi-speed wireless remote controller. Unlike traditional bamboo or plain maple board decking, this electric longboard features a finely engineered UV fiberglass and bamboo board decking to add extra flex and resistance under impact. This new Exway model is also fully integrated with Exway's app, with 3 preset mode settings and a ?turbo function? for those looking to test their limits. This balanced and reshaped electric skateboard is setting the new benchmark for all round electric skateboard technology. It?s the perfect ride for all experience levels.

Super Flex Deck

  • Parabolic wheel cutouts mean larger wheel compatibility.
  • No more compromising stability for comfort. Optimized flex patterns allow wider sections of the deck to have lower flex for more stability while the narrower waist has more flexibility for a smoother ride.
  • Alternating layers of multi-directional fiberglass,, and bamboo combine to create a super-tough and elastic deck.
  • The surface of the deck adopts the latest UV fiberglass printing processes for a more vivid and durable pattern.
  • The head and tail of the board are slightly angled to improve handling and make it easier to pick up. True skaters will appreciate these design innovations!

It's All About The Details

  • Shock-absorbing foam grip tape: Now standard on the Exway Flex. More water-resistant and vibration absorbing. Improved comfort and strength.
  • Exway 2nd Generation Wheels:
  1. Softer at 76A for a smoother ride.
  3. 85mm wheels take advantage of the new parabolic cutouts to give you more stability at speed.
  5. 90% ultra-high-rebound urethane provides the perfect balance between softness and durability.

Swappable Drivetrain Options

  • A single FOC ESC is compatible with both the hub and belt drivetrains.
  • Quieter hub-motor drivetrain while giving greater ground clearance.
  • Belt-drivetrain has more torque while multiple pulleys allow compatibility with most wheels. Your wheels, your choice.

Advanced App

  • 3 preset modes for different skill levels along with easy further settings to customize acceleration and braking lets you easily dial in your ride.
  • Turbo function. Enjoy hair-raising top-speeds of 25mph with turbo-mode activated.
  • Select your wheel size in the app for more accurate speed and distance calculation.
  • Custom standby time, the board will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.
  • The user-friendly app allows you to activate cruise control, change gears while moving, enable Free Mode and more.

Industry Leading Remote Control

  • Remote on/off capability, power on or off from your controller.
  • Hibernation mode consumes less than 3% of your battery meaning your board is always ready when you are.

Reliable & Maintenance-Free

  • Reliable and virtually maintenance-free At IP55 the Flex offers the same, most water-resistant board on the market.
  • The modular design of the ESC, battery, and power system means each part can be easily swapped.

Smart Battery

  • 24 safety sensors connected to the ESC leaves no unmonitored cells.
  • UL certified multi-layer software and hardware protection circuit always engaged.
  • SONY VTC 6 high-capacity 18650 cells with a high discharge rate ensure strong performance and reliability.
  • High-precision galvanometer monitors battery to within 1% for more accuracy and consistency.
  • Long-term storage will automatically trigger the low-power mode.
  • Replaceable design with an IP55 waterproof rating.

Exway Trist Truck

  • The all-new Trist truck utilizes a Proprietary Forging and CNC Milling Manufacturing Process developed by Exway Engineering Team for improved strength compared with traditional die-cast trucks.
  • T6 heat treatment for high-strength hangers and reinforced baseplates.
  • Industry-standard bushing sizes mean compatibility with most bushings on the market allowing you further flexibility to customize your carve.
  • The bushings' top and bottom ends are equipped with bowl-shaped gaskets to further improve stability, especially during high-speed sliding.
  • The hand-cast polyurethane Pivot Cup improves shock absorption, durability and noise reduction.
  • The VIRGIN A352 Aluminum?SCM435 Alloy steel Kingpins and SCM440 alloy steel axles ensure superior strength.
  • 8 inch Length / T6 Heat Treatment / 45° Baseplate Angles / 90A stock hardness.


Max Speed: 40 kph Max Climbing Grade: 30%
Range: 25km Weight: 7.7kg
Torque: Hub 4.6Nm ×2 / Riot 5.2Nm×2 Max Power: Hub 1200W×2 / Riot 1500W×2
Rated Power: Hub 600W×2 / Riot 750W×2 Rated Charger Power: 75 Watts(Standard Charger) / 204 Watts(Quick Charger)
Input Voltage: 51V - 4A Max Battery Capacity: 216Wh
Grip Tape: 2mm Shock-Absorbing Trucks: Exway Trist 40° 8inch
Waterproof Rating: IP55 Braking Mode: Regenerative Braking
Charging time: 4h 40min(Standard Charger)/1h 30minutes(Quick Charger) Dimension: 940*294*140mm (L*W*H)
Warranty: 12 months Package Includes: Electric Skateboard*1, Standard charger*1,Manual*1, T tool*1, Smart Bluetooth Remote*1.

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