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The Exway X1 Max series boards are designed to present the future shape of electric skateboards. Despite the small footprint and relatively light weight, the Exway X1 Max series boards boasts incredibly strong Performance, smart Features and intelligent functions. The best part about riding the X1 MAX is that it doesn't even look like you're riding an Electric skateboard at all. Turn it off, put the remote in your pocket, start kick pushing and the Po-po won't know...

• Range: 25km

• Top speed: 45kph

• Max climbing grade: 30%

• Powertrain variant: Hub motor

• Weight: 7.6kg

•Length: 972mm

Experience Adventures in New Territories! Rise to your Passion! The Exway X1 Max series boards are designed to present the future shape of electric skateboards. Packed in the sleekest, lightest, integrated form factor is an ultra-performance, stunningly smart, highly portable electric skateboard! Despite the small footprint and relatively light weight, the Exway X1 Max series boards boasts incredibly Strong Performance, Smart Features and intelligent functions which perfectly combine raw power, smart features and the smoothest, maximum speed is 45km / h and the maximum endurance is 30km, safest ride to give you the ultimate cruising experience.

Excellent Endurance Excellent Deck

Despite the limited space within the deck, we increased the battery capacity by a further 20%, enabling up 30km of range. The board uses an integrated deck design, the components are inside the deck and the deck also uses our shock absorbing grip tape. The ride therefore is extremely comfortable even over bad terrain and road surfaces.

Kinetic Energy Recovery System

The board is equipped with an energy recovery system similar to the one found on automobiles. If the brake is applied when riding, the system will automatically initiate the energy recovery process, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and reuse. This regenerative braking system also enhances the riders experience when emergency braking, increasing safety.


Max Speed: 45km/h Max Climbing Grade: 30%
Range: 25km Weight: Hub 7.6kg / Riot 7.9kg
Battery: 230wH Torque: Hub 6.2Nm x2 / Riot 7Nm x2
Motor Power: Hub 655W x2 / Riot 756W x2 Trucks: Exway Trist 45° 8inch
Waterproof Rating: IP55 Braking Mode: Regenerative Braking
Charging time: 5h with the standard charger and 1h 50mins with the fast charger Dimension: 972*296*136mm (L*W*H)
Grip Tape: 2mm Shock Absorbing Max Load: 100kg
Warranty: 12 months Package Includes: Electric Skateboard*1, Standard charger*1, AC Power Cable*1 Manual*1, T tool*1, Smart Bluetooth Remote*1, Type-C Cable*1, Spline end wrenches*1.

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