105mm Cloudwheel Hub Motor Donut Sleeves

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You've all been waiting for them, and they are finally here.

105mm Cloudwheels for your Exway Hub Drive Skateboard. 

Set of 4 CloudWheels - 2 Motor Donut Sleeves + 2 Wheels.

Patented Damping Foam Core Technology - The CLOUDWHEEL and its damping foam core filters out most of the vibrations compared with the regular wheel.

Controllable deformation - Reduce mileage loss caused by excessive wheel deformation caused by wheels which are too soft.

Curved wheel and unique tread - The curved tread design makes the skateboard effectively increase the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding.

All-Terrain Wheel - suitable for regular urban roads, but also bumpy roads, potholes and turf.

Airless - No punctures, air leakes or flat tyres. 

Lightweight - Cloudwheels have a lower density and can float on water, reducing torque consumption on take off, compared to other wheels of the same size.