Meepo Mini 2 Standard

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It’s a 30-inch short deck with a very functional kicktail making the Mini 2 easier to turn, more fun to ride (you can even go manual with it) and super portable. The Mini 2 also features new nose protection technology.

• Range: 17km

• Top speed: 46kph

• Max climbing grade: 30%

• Powertrain variant: Hub motor

• Weight: 7.2kg

•Length: 762mm

The Meepo Mini 2 offers real-world mileage of up to 17 kilometers, top speeds of 46kmph, hill climbing of up to 25% grade and a charging time of only 2 hours. The Meepo Mini 2 is lightweight (weighing in at only 7.3kg) yet extremely durable (can support a rider up to 136), with its stable shock-absorbing Shredder trucks and quality 30" Canadian Maple Wood Deck. Like all Meepo boards, the Mini 2 comes with a 6 month warranty, so you can be assured that Meepo is quality you can trust. Introducing the smart, zero-emission, real-world range, comfortable, 30 inch, safe, Meepo Mini 2, one of the best eboards on the market.

Performance Specs

- Top Speed: 46 KPH

- Range Standard Battery: 17 Km

- Uphill: 30% grade

- Hub Motors: 2 X 540 Watts

- Charging Time Standard: 2 hours

Board Specs

- Board Weight: 7.3 kg

- Rider Weight Limit: 150 kg

- Size: 762mm Long I 229mm Wide I 546 Wheelbase

- ESC: New Meepo ESC V6.5

- Trucks: Shredder Trucks

- Wheels: 90 mm X 60 mm 78a

- Deck Material: 8 layers of true Canadian Maple

- Warranty: 6 Months

In The Box

- Meepo Mini 2 Standard Electric Skateboard

- Manual

- M4 Screen Remote

- 2A Charger

- Skate tools

- DC Cable

- USB Cable for Remote

- Stickers