Meepo Shuffle V4 Standard

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The latest V series board, the Meepo Shuffle, which is the 4th iteration of the V Series, is the outcome of Meepo's continuous dedication to research and development over the last 5 years. From this, the Shuffle has evolved into a board that can be enjoyed by everyone. With the press of a button, your commute goes from boring to adrenaline!


• Range: 17km

• Top speed: 46kph

• Max climbing grade: 30%

• Powertrain variant: Hub motor

• Power: 2x 620w motors

• Weight: 7.8kg

•Length: 915mm

Meepo's latest edition to the collection of famous longboards. With newer technology, fresh grip tape, as well as the new push off to start technology. The new Meepo Shuffle rides as smooth as it looks. The Shuffle V4 has new 45 degree front downhill trucks, new M4S remote and an upgraded ESC. A customer favorite affordable electric skateboard model, the Meepo V4 is suitable for commuters looking for a mid-range eboard, or students looking for a hop-on ride to class.

Performance Specs

- Top Speed: 46 KPH

- Range Standard Battery: 17 Km

- Uphill: 25% grade

- Hub Motors: 2 X 620 Watts

- Charging Time Standard: 3.5 hours

Board Specs

- Board Weight: 7.8 kg

- Rider Weight Limit: 150 kg

- Size: 915mm Long I 230mm Wide I 127 High


- Trucks: Shredder 45° Downhill Trucks Trucks

- Wheels: 90 mm X 62 mm 78a

- Deck Material: 8 Ply Canadian Maple + 1 Ply Fibreglass

- Warranty: 6 Months

In The Box

- Meepo Shuffle V4 Standard Electric Skateboard

- M4S Screen Remote

- 42V/1.5A Charger

- Remote charging cable

- Skate tool

- Manual